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CFP: OIT'09, Shanghai,19-22 Oct. 2009
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Call for Paper www.oe-oem.org/oit

2009 International Conference on

Optical Instrument and Technology (OIT’09)

Shanghai • China 19-22 October 2009

The 2009 International Conference on Optical Instrument and Technology (OIT’09) is the second event following the OIT’08 and it is sponsored corporately by SPIE, CIS and COS. OIT’09 is a professional conference which takes instrument and related technology as its core. To promote the integration of science with technology in instrumentation fields, the conference is combined with the exhibition of “The 20th Fair for Measurement Instrumentation and Automation (MICONEX)”. It can be expected that OIT’09 will promote the continuous development of optoelectronic technology & instrument knowledge and stimulate new energy to the industry.

Scientific instrument is an indispensable branch and plays more and more important roles in developing national economy, also in the fields of scientific research. Optoelectronic instrument and technology is the essential component of scientific instrument. It has its outstanding functions in many technical spheres such as: detection; observation; information collection, transfer and storage; communication; economization on energy; environmental protection; inspection and prevention of food security, traffic safety and mine safety; measure and control for aviation and space engineering, etc.

China Instrument and Control Society (CIS) & The Chinese Optical Society (COS) are National Learned Societies awarded by the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST). CIS is the authorized scholarly organization in the fields of instrument and meters, measurement and control, automation and related technology and industry, and of optics and optical engineering, etc. COS has significant advantages in optics, optoelectronics, imaging, optoelectronic information technology, optical communication, lasers, optical display, basic optics and spectroscopy. Optical technology has become an edge of discipline and affects a variety of fields.

The “International Conference and Fair for Measurement Instrumentation and Automation (MICONEX)” originated by CIS has great impact on domestic and overseas industry. CIS has been making great efforts on MICONEX for more than 20 years, and MICONEX has received around 600 manufacturers and traders coming from 21 countries and regions over the world, the exhibition area has reached 25 thousands square meters. MICONEX is held once every year, the exhibition location is Beijing or Shanghai, China, separately in turn. It is believed that the combination of OIT conference and MICONEX will obtain more perfect effects.

OIT’09 will highlight the core of optoelectronic instrument and technology. The academic topics of conference will focus on the optical system, optoelectronic instruments, optical trapping, imaging, optoelectronic measurement and optoelectronic devices, etc. OIT’09 sponsors will provide an academic intercommunion platform to communicate the newest interested science or technology for all attendees, researchers and experts from all over the world. You are warmly welcomed to participation in this event at Shanghai, China and any of your contributions to OIT’09 are greatly appreciated.

All the papers (ORAL or POSTER) admitted by OIT’09 conference will be edited and published by SPIE, and the proceedings of OIT’09 will be indexed by EI, ISI, INSPEC, AIAA or other index systems.

Important Deadlines:

Conference Date: 19-22 October 2009

Place: Shanghai Everbright International Hotel

Language: English

Abstract Due Date: 15 June 2009

Notice of Acceptance Date: 15 July 2009

Manuscript Due Date: 10 September 2009

Sponsored by

CIS (China Instrument and Control Society)

COS (The Chinese Optical Society)

SPIE (The International Society for Optical Engineering)

Cooperating Organizations:

Opto-Electronic ?Mechanic Technology and System Integration Chapter, CIS

University of Shanghai for Science and Technology

Beijing Institute of Technology

Optical Instrument Chapter, CIS

Instrument Society of America (ISA), USA

Institute of Measurement and Control (InstMC), UK

Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKIE)

The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers(SICE), JAPAN

Capital Normal University

Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.

Chongqing University

Tsinghua University

Tianjin University

Zhejiang University

Nanjing University

General Chair:

Songlin Zhuang, Shanghai University of Science and Technology (China)

General co-Chairs:

Yuri Chugu, New Siberia Academy of Sciences, (Russia)

Arthur Chiou, SPIE/ National Yang-Ming University (Taipei, China)

Honorary Chairs:

Daheng Wang Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

T.Hiruma Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.(JAPAN)

Guoguang Mu Nankai University (China)

Bingkun Zhou Tsinghua University (China)

Technical Program Chair:

Guofan Jin Tsinghua University (China)

Technical Program Co-Chairs:

Yimo Zhang Tianjin University

Sien Chi National Chiao Tung University (Taipei, China)

Local Organizing Committee Chair:

Youhua Wu China Instrument and Control Society

Local Organizing Committee Co-Chairs:

Guoqiang Ni Beijing Institute of Technology

Daoyin Yu Tianjin University

Yulin Xi Beijing Hamamatsu Photon Techniques INC.

Zhengji Ni University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (China)

Jinxue Wang SPIE (USA)

General Secretary:

Youhua Wu China Instrument and Control Society

Administrative Vice General Secretary:

Boyu Ding Beijing Institute of Technology

Vice General Secretaries:

Hanquan Zhang China Instrument and Control Society

Yuejin Zhao Beijing Institute of Technology

Xiongwen Qin China Instrument and Control Society

Tiegen Liu Tianjin University

Qionghui Feng Shanghai University of Science and Technology

Cunlin Zhang Capital Normal University

Local Organizing Committee:

Weimin Chen Chongqing University

Hongda Chen Institute of Semiconductors, CAS

Yan Zhang Capital Normal University

Shangzhong Jin Chinese Jiliang University

Boshun Hu Modern Scientific Instruments

Libo Yuan Harbin Engineering University

Tian Lan Beijing institute of Technology

Abstract Submission Information: http://www.oe-oem.org/oit

Primary Author Contact Information: http://www.oe-oem.org/oit (Chinese only)

Manuscript Specifications: http://spie.org/x570.xml

Secretariat Contact

Cuiling Li: Phone & Fax: 010-68912564 Cuilingli@bit.edu.cn (Chinese)

Liquan Dong: Phone & Fax: 010-68912559-2 kylind@263.net (English)

Boyu Ding: Phone & Fax:010-82616603 Dingboyu@vip.sohu.com4

Session 1

Optical Systems and Modern Optoelectronic Instruments

Conference Chairs:

Yunlong Sheng, Laval University (Canada)

Kimio Tatsuno, Hitachi (Japan)

Yongtian Wang, Beijing Institute of Technology (China)

Program Committee:

Jiabi Chen, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (China)

Chunlei Du, Institute of Optics and Electronics (China)

Jia-Ruey Duann, Industrial Technology Research Institute (Taiwan, China)

Sen Han, Veeco Instruments (USA)

Qun Hao, Beijing Institute of Technology (China)

Mei-Li Hsien, National Taiwan Normal University (Taiwan, China)

Hong Hua, University of Arizona (USA)

Ken Y. Hsu, National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan, China)

Hisao Kikuta, Osaka Prefecture University (Japan)

Tsuyoshi Konishi, Osaka University (Japan)

Guoqiang Li, University of Missouri (USA)

Irina Livsits, St. Petersburg State University (Russia)

Xiang Peng, Shenzhen University (China)

Jannick Rolland, University of Rochester (USA)

Han-Ping Shieh, National Chiao Tung University (Hsinchu, China)

Yeong-Shin Tarng, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (Taiwan, China)

Din Ping Tsai, National Taiwan University (Taiwan, China)

Willi Ulrich, Carl Zeiss (Germany)

Paul Urbach, Delft University of Technology (Netherland)

Yuejin Zhao, Beijing Institute of Technology (China)

Secretary: Nan Zhu, Beijing Institute of Technology


Design and Application of Virtual Instruments

Design and Optimization Methods for Optical Systems and Optoelectronic Instruments

Diffractive Optical Systems

Image Processing and its Application in Instruments

Infrared Optical Systems and Instruments

Instruments for Laboratories and Science Research

Micro Optical Systems

Novel Optical Elements and Applications

Optical Displays: Systems, Devices and Materials

Spectral Instruments

Stray Light Analysis

Subsystems and Components Design and Manufacture

UV Optics and X-ray Optics

Zoom Optical System


Session 2 Optical Trapping and Microscopic Imaging

Conference Chairs:

Xiaocong Yuan, Nankai University (China)

Yinmei Li, University of Science and Technology of China (China)

Arthur Chiou, National Yang-Ming University (Taiwan, China)

Min Gu, Swinburne University of Technology (Australia)

Dennis Matthews, UC Davis (USA)

Colin Shepherd, National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Program Committee:

Zhongping Chen, University of California, Irvine (USA)

Daniel Elson, Imperial College London (UK)

Paul French, Imperial College London (UK)

Bruce Z. Gao, Clemson University (USA)

Jesper Glückstad, Danmarks Tekniske University (Denmark)

Aaron H.P. Ho, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (China)

Hui Ma, Tsinghua University (China)

Chinlon Lin, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

Xuanhui Lu, Zhejiang University (China)

H. Daniel Ou-Yang, Lehigh University (USA)

Monika Ritsch-Marte, Innsburck Medical University (Australia)

Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop, The University of Queensland (Australia)

Da Xing, South China Normal University (China)

Xiaohui Zhang, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)

Siwei Zhu, Tianjin Union Medicine Centre (China)

Secretary: Xing Zhao (Nankai University)

Optical trapping and micro- & nano-scale imaging are current “hot” topics in the field of optical science and engineering. Optical trapping offers unique non-invasive forces on micro- and nano-sized particles and biological samples for the purpose of micromanipulation, which enables diverse applications in the studies of biological cells, molecules, DNA, novel chemical synthesis and soft condense matter and hydrodynamic interactions. Novel imaging, sensing and spectroscopy techniques, on the other hand, are complementary optical methods for studying and understanding the biological samples in terms of observation and measurement. The optical trapping and imaging techniques provide significant opportunities in biomedical applications with novel ideas and enhancement. Major topics include, but are not limited t


Optical trapping and manipulation

Optical sorting



Fundamental Concepts

Novel Imaging

Novel Sensing

Novel spectroscopy

Applications of optical trapping

Optical trapping assisted systems


Session 3

Advanced Sensor Technology and Applications

Conference Chairs:

YanBiao Liao, Tsinghua University (China)

Anbo Wang, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (USA)

Tingyun Wang, Shanghai University, (China)

Yukihiro Ishii, Tokyo University of Science(Japan)

Program Committee

Weihong Bi, Yanshan University, (China)

Rongshen Chen, The University of Birmingham (UK)

Weimin Chen, Chongqing University (China)

Zhe Chen, Jinan University (China)

Kin Seng Chiang, City University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong China)

Fajie Duan, Tianjin University (China)

Claire Gu, University of California at Santa Cruz(USA)

Shibin Jiang, NP Photonics, Inc, (USA)

Wei Jin, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong China)

Gan-Ding Peng, University of New South Wales (Australia)

Yunjiang Rao, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (China)

Aiguo Song, Southeast University (China)

Hai Xiao, University of Missouri, (USA)

Libo Yuan, Harbin Engineering University (China)



Physical and Mechanical Sensors

Chemical, Environmental and biomedical Sensors

Sensors for Electrical, Magnetic field Measurement

Mutiplexing and Integration of Sensors

Interferometric and Polarimetric Sensors

Micro Structured Optical Fiber Sensors

Optical Planar Waveguide-based Sensors

Passive and Active Components for Photonic Sensing

Distributed and Quasi-distributed Sensing

Visual Sense Sensor

Sensor Network

Applications for Sensor

Optical Fiber Sensors


Session 4 Optoelectronic Devices & Integration

Conference Chairs:

Xuping Zhang, Nanjing University (China);

Wojtek J. Bock, Université du Québec en Outaouais, Qué (Canada)

Xuejun Lu, University of Massachusetts/Lowell (USA)

Hai Ming, University of Science and Technology of China (China)

Program Committee:

Xiaoyi Bao, University of Ottawa( Canada);

Sien Chi, National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan, China)

Haiyong Gan, OmniVision Technologies Inc., ( USA)

Yi Li, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (China)

Edwin Y B PunCity University of Hong KongHong Kong

Ping Shum, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

Feng Song, Nankai University(China)

Suning Tang, Crystal Research, Inc. (USA)

Scott S. H. Yam, Queen’s University, Kingston, (Canada)

Jianyi Yang, Zhejiang University (China)

Jianguo Zhang, London South Bank University (UK)

Secretary: Zhaolong Li, Nanjing University (China)


Physics and Simulation of Optoelectronic and Photonic Crystal Fiber Devices

Photonic Crystal Fiber and Photonic Crystal Fiber Based Devices

Fiber Amplifiers and Lasers

Polarization Maintained / Scrambled Lasers

Semiconductor Photoelectronics

Micro-Optics and Photoic Inter-connectors

Multifunctional Components and Arrayed Devices

Terahertz and Gigahertz Electronics and Photonics

High-power fiber laser

Emerging Optoelectronic Applications

Optoelectronic Hybrid and Monolithic Integration

Integrated Optics and Photonic Integrated Circuits

Advanced Micro Optoelectronic Devices

Photonics Materials and Devices

Surface Plasmon Nanolithography, Plasmonic Waveguided and Devices

Fibre Grating and Its Applications

Integrated optics

Optical switcher, connector, modulator and other active and passive devices

Waveguide devices


Session 5

MEMS/NEMS Technology and Applications

Conference Chairs:

Zhaoying Zhou, Tsinghua University (China)

Toshio Fukuda, Nagoya University (Japan)

Helmut Seidel, Microfluidics/Microactuators, Saarland University (Germany)

XinXin Li, Shanghai Institute of microsystem and information technology, CAS (China)

Haixia ZhangPeking University (China)

Program Committee:

Shuo-Hung Chang, National Taiwan University (Taiwani, China)

Longsheng Fan, Cellular and Molecular BioMEMS Laboratory, NTHU (China)

Hong Hocheng, National Tsinghua University (Taiwani, China)

Roger T. Howe, Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University (USA)

Wen J. Li, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (China)

Liwei Lin, University of California at Berkeley (USA)

Aiqun Liu, Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

Sixing Liu, Bandag Incorporated (USA)

Zhichun Ma, Ford Motor Company (USA)

Isao Shimoyama, School of Information Science and Technology, University of Tokyo (Japan)

Man WONG, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology (China)

Wengang WuPeking University (China)

Xing Yang, Tsinghua University (China)

Yang ZhaoPresident & CEO. MEMSIC Inc.(China)



Innovative Concept, Mechanism & Phenomenon in MEMS/NEMS

Micro Sensors & Micro Actuators

Inertial-MEMS and Applications

Optical-MEMS, Micro-optics, Micro Optical-electro Elements and Applications

Bio-MEMS, Chemical MEMS and Applications

RF MEMS, Remote Sensing Technology and Instruments

Micro-fluidics, Devices, Instruments

MEMS/NEMS Fabrication and Foundry

Nano-device, NEMS and Nanotechnology

Applications for MEMS/NEMS Technology & System Integration

Others (Including MEMS /NEMS Design, Test, Packaging, Reliability, etc.)


Session 6

Optoelectronic Measurement Technology and System

Conference Chairs:

Shenghua Ye, Tianjin University (China)

Guangjun Zhang, Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics (China)

Jun Ni University of Michigan (USA)

Program Committee:

Bukem Bilen, Bogazici UniversityTurkey

Qibo Feng, Beijing Jiaotong University (China)

Shangzhong Jin, China Jiliang University (China)

Osami Sasaki , Niigata Univ (Japan)

Dingguo Sha, Beijin Institute of Technology, (China)

Changku Sun, Tianjin University (China)

Takamasa Suzuki, Niigata Univ (Japan)

Jiubin Tan, Harbin Institute of Technology, (China)

Kexin Xu, Tianjin University (China)

Weiqian Zhao, Beijing Institute of Technology, (China)

Jigui Zhu, Tianjin University (China)



Optoelectronic Measurement in Metrology

Optoelectronic Measurement in Manufacturing Industry

Optoelectronic Measurement in Process of Production

Optoelectronic Measurement in Agriculture, Chemical and Environment

Optoelectronic Measurement in Biology and Medicine

Optoelectronic Measurement in Aerospace

Optoelectronic Measurement in Control and Virtual Reality

Optoelectronic Measurement in safety and Diagnosis

Optoelectronic Measurement in Mechanical Capacity and Electronical Capacity

Optoelectronic Measurement in Energy and Transportation

Optoelectronic Measurement in Architecture and Engineering Structure


Session 7

Opto-electronic information security

Conference Chairs:

Cunlin Zhang, Capital Normal University (China)

Tiegen Liu, Tianjin University (China)

Daniel Grischkowsky, Oklahoma State University (USA)

Program Committee:

Pierre Chavel, National Committee for Scientific Research (France)

Hou-Tong Chen, Los Alamos National Lab, USAUSA

Xiang Peng, Shenzhen University (China)

Daxiong Xu, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (China)

Chongxiu Yu, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (China)

Hongchen Zhai, Tianjin University (China)

Dawei Zhang, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (China)

Jingjuan Zhang, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (China)


In the field of information security, opto-electronic technology and instrumentation is a promising approach. It includes not only traditional research topics, such as laser holography an-ticounterfaking, opto-electornic secure identification and verification, opto-electronic informati-on security devices and systems, but emerging ones such as THz radiation offers the opportunity for transformational advances in defense and security, opto-electronic information embedding and coding, opto-electronic devices in biometric recognition. This symposium is believed to contribute to the development of opto-electronic technology in information security, the security of financial circulation and furthermore to the tackling of global financial crisis.


THz technology in security and defense

Laser holography anticounterfaking

Opto-electronic information embedding and coding

Opto-electornic secure identification and verification

Opto-electronic technology and instrumentation in biometric recognition

Opto-electronic information security devices and systems


Session 8

Opto-electronic Imaging and Processing Technology

Conference Chairs

Toru YoshizawaSaitama Medical UniversityJapan

Ping WeiBeijing Institute of TechnologyChina

Jesse ZhengPhotontech Instruments Corp.Canada

Program Committee

Tingzhu BaiBeijing Institute of TechnologyChina

Ruowei GuOpton Co.,Ltd.Japan

Tangjun LiBeijing Jiao tong UniversityChina

Peilin LiuShanghai Jiao tong UniversityChina

Yinglong LiuCentral South UniversityChina

Cunwei LuFukuoka Institute of TechnologyJapan

Tsutomu ShimuraThe University of TokyoJapan

Pingtao WangO&E Co.,Ltd.Japan

Shengli WuXi’an Jiao tong UniversityChina

Jingyun ZhangAreo-creative Corp.USA

SecretaryLingxue WangBeijing Institute of TechnologyChina


Topics of interest include all aspects of Optoelectronic Imaging and Processing Technology, but are not limited to, the following areas:

Image sensors and applications

Intelligent/smart cameras and applications

High-resolution and high-speed cameras and applications

Image processing algorithms and systems

Machine vision methods, architectures and applications

Three-dimensional profilometry by structured light, interferometry and

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