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Semiconductor lasers, nanotechnology, chaotic resonator, optics and photonics等
够包括生活费,学费,跟其他支出),博士后也会有丰厚的待遇 >S$36,000 (1S=4.8RMB)。

在加入新加坡南洋理工之前,王博士在哈佛大学Prof. Federico Capasso(quantum
cascade laser的发明者,曾经是贝尔实验室的副主席,美国工程院,科学院双重院士)的
物上发表过多篇文章(包括Nature Photonics)和美国专利,获得过很多奖项。

南洋理工大学这些年在飞速进步, 特别是工程物理学院, 科研已具有非常高的水平。学校科
研投入也很大。感兴趣的同学可以参看学校的网页: www.ntu.edu.sg (school of
electrical engineering; school of physical and mathematical sciences)或自行搜索

请感兴趣的同学直接跟王教授联系,把简历发到他的邮箱 (邮寄地址在文章最后):
Phone: (65)-67905431

Dr. Qijie Wang has recently taken a joint position (School of Electric and
Electronic Engineering and School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences) as a
Nanyang Assistant Professor with an S$1million funded project at Nanyang
Technological University, Singapore. To establish a dynamic, vibrant, and
diligent group, he is looking for strongly motivated both postdoctoral and Ph.D
researchers dedicated to the cutting edge research in semiconductor laser
devices, nanotechnology, optical chaotic microcavities, and optics/photonics.

Dr. Wang is an alumnus of USTC (9710er). He received the B.E. degree in
electrical engineering from the University of Science and Technology of China
(USTC), Hefei, China, in 2001 graduating one year in advance, and the Ph.D
degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Nanyang Technological
University, Singapore, in 2005. In his Ph.D studies, he made a fundamental
research on enabling optical filtering technologies for all optical
communications in the joint group of Prof. Ying Zhang and Prof. Yeng Chai Soh.
His work has a significant impact not only on the fundamental research in the
optical signal processing theory but also on applying the theory into the
design of optical interleavers, spectral equalizers, multiwavelength ring
lasers, and radio-over-fiber systems.

After completing his Ph.D, he obtained the 2005 Singapore Millennium Foundation
(SMF) postdoctoral fellowship. Then he joined School of Engineering and Applied
Science, Harvard University, in Prof. Federico Capasso’s group as a
postdoctoral researcher in Jan. 2007. During his postdoctoral studies at
Harvard University, he has made significant contributions in achieving high-
performance both mid-infrared and Terahertz quantum cascade semiconductor
lasers. The research includes novel bandstructure and waveguide designs of
artificially structured nano-scale semiconductors, the processing, and their
optical and electrical characterizations.

Dr. Wang was the recipient of the top prize for the Young Inventor Awards of
the SPIE Photonics Europe Innovation Village in 2004, a golden award from the
Fifth Young Inventor’s Awards in 2005 organized by HP and Wall Street Journal,
and the co-recipient of the IES (Institution of Engineers Singapore)
Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award 2005 of Singapore. He has published
more than 40 papers in top international journals (including Nature Photonics)
and 3 U.S. patents.

For postdoctoral researcher positions, candidates with a Ph.D degree in
experimental semiconductor physics, electronic engineering, and physics/applied
physics are all encouraged to apply. Annual salary is very competitive,
depending on experience and qualification. Experience in cleanroom processing,
quantum semiconductor theory, and/or semiconductor laser designs/fabrications
is highly desired. Starting date is flexible (prefer ASAP) and multiple
positions are available.

For prospective Ph.D. students, three positions are available with full NTU
fellowships support starting from as early as Jan. 2010. If you have TOEFL and
GRE score, you can still catch the last-minute application to NTU. Interested
candidates from Physics, EE, or other related departments should contact Dr.
Qijie Wang with their CVs. Priority will be given to candidates with a master’
s degree or demonstrated undergraduate research experience.

Dr. Qijie Wang
Email: qjwang@ntu.edu.sg
Phone: (65)-67905431
Fax: 65-67933318

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
& School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Blk S2.1-B2-20, Nanyang Ave
Singapore 639798
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