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3M Nano 2011
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3M-NANO is a new annual International Conference on Manipulation, Manu-facturing and Measurement on the Nanoscale, which will be held for the first time in Changchun, China. 3M-NANO covers advanced technologies for handling and fabrication on the nanoscale. These technologies promise novel revolutionary products and methods in numerous areas of application. Scientists working in different research fields are invited to submit papers for all aspects of theories, technologies and applications related to manipulation, manufacturing and measure-ment on the nanoscale. All the 3M-NANO papers will be recommended for free-of-charge publication in Int. Journal of Intelligent Mechatronics and Robotics, Int. Journal of Optomechatronics and Acta Physico-Chimica Sinica.
Sponsors: National Natural Science Foundation of China
Jilin Provincial Science & Technology Department, China
Jilin Association for Science and Technology, China
Jilin Youth Science and Technology Association, China
Changchun University of Science and Technology, China
Topics: Specific topics include, but are not limited to
Nanomanipulation and nanoassembly
Nanomaterials and nanocharacterization
Nanohandling robots and systems
Nanopositioning systems
Nanohandling systems in SEM
AFM-based nanohandling
Nanofabrication processes and systems
Sensor feedback from the nanoscale
Control issues in nanohandling
Process automation on the nanoscale
Micro-to-nano-scale bridging
Micro-Nano integration
System aspects of nanohandling
Modeling of nanoscale effects
Nanohandling applications
Down-scaling of manufacturing systems
Self-assembly on the nanoscale
Error detection in nanomanufacturing
Optical nanometrology
Nanometrology for MEMS/NEMS
Precision lasers for nanometrology
Advanced techniques for nanometrology
Quantum dots, graphene
Nanowires, nanotubes, nanohelices
Nanoelectronics and nanomagnetics
Nanophotonics and photonic crystals
Nanomechanics and nanomechatronics
NEMS applications
Nanomedical devices and applications
Bio-Nano devices and applications
Workshops: Workshops on selected topics in manipulation, manufacturing and measurement on the nanoscale will be arranged on the first day of the conference. Workshop attendance is covered by 3M-NANO registration fee.
Social events: A major goal of the 3M-NANO conference is to support the deve-lopment of the nanohandling research community and to encourage long-term partnerships and collaborative research activities. The social events and tours will be organized by 3M-NANO free of charge as part of this effort.
Venue: Changchun is the capital city of Jilin Province, located in the northeast of China close to the famous Changbai Mountains. It is a welcoming, modern city with excellent infrastructure and the reputation of being an “automobile and movie city”, “city of science and technology” and “granary of north China”.
Important Dates
Full paper submission
Proposals for special sessions (5-6 papers)
31 March 2011
31 March 2011
Notification of acceptance
15 May 2011
Final paper submission
Advanced registration
Registration for accepted papers
15 June 2011
15 June 2011
15 June 2011
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