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Special issue of MNL (Micro and Nano Letters) for IEEE-NEMS 2011
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Special issue of MNL (Micro and Nano Letters) for IEEE-NEMS 2011

Dear IEEE-NEMS 2011 Conference authors,

We strongly encourage submission of expanded manuscripts from the conference full papers. We would like to remind you the important information regarding how to prepare your manuscript.
 All manuscripts would be peer-reviewed.
 Please submit the expanded manuscripts through the journal website (The URL for submission is http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/mnl) by Feb. 28, 2011. Note that we used to ask you to submit the manuscripts to guest editors. Now you have to submit them through the journal website.
 Please follow strictly the format provided by MNL when you prepare your expanded manuscripts. Please refer to the website (http://scitation.aip.org/journals/doc/IEEDRL-home/info/journals/mnl/submissions.jsp) for detail information.
 Papers for MNL should be no longer than 6 pages in length.
 Please note that the expanded manuscript must contain significant results which are different from the full papers in the conference proceedings. There should be at least 30% new material over the conference paper.
Dr. Jung-Hao Wang, Scientific Conference secretariat
1, Dasyue Rd., Tainan City 701, Taiwan
Email address: info@ieee-nems.org
TEL&FAX: 886-6-2761687

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