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Nano-Micro Letters:Call for papers。2012年进入SCIE数据库
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Nano-Micro Letters2012年进入SCIE收录数据库。

Call for papers宣传下载:




2012年发表的文章可在web of science上查到收录的论文。



Nano-Micro Letters (NML) is an Open-Access journal emphasizing the bottom-up approach from Nano to Micro and from science to technology. The NML publication is supported and advised by its prestigious editorial board of Nano-Micro Innovation Society, which comprised top Nano/Micro scientists from 15 different countries. The detailed editor board number can be checked at http://www.nmletters.org.

Nanometer and Micrometer are two most important physical length scales extensively investigated in the past decades. “The key for nanotechnology to reach industrial applications is to assemble, to modify, and to control the nanostructures in the Micro scale,” said Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Yafei Zhang. “NML aims to provide a publishing platform for reporting significant new findings and achievements crossing the boundaries, from Nano to Micro scale, and from science to technology.”

"NML presents a novel platform for the rapid dissemination scientific information without barrier." said Professor Yoshinoi Ando, a NML co-editor and who synthesized carbon nanotubes for the first time with Prof. Iijima in 1991, "Both the Nano and Micro interdisciplinary community will strongly benefit from its birth."

NML benefits from its scientific contents freely accessible via the Internet for immediate worldwide, but suffers from leaving authors to bear the cost of publication. NML goes one step further ? authors’ acceptance of publication charges for their papers is voluntary. It become possibly through extensive volunteerism and sponsorships.

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下一篇文章 CFP: IEEE-NEMS 2013(Deadline.

上海交大新创的国际SCI期刊-- Nano-Micro Letters,2012年IF=2.057.(Micro,Nano,MEMS,2013-06-24,5341)


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