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2013 IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology
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2013IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology
August 5-8, 2013, Beijing, China


The13th IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE-NANO) willbe held from August 5 to 8, 2013, in Beijing, China. IEEE-NANOis the flagship IEEE annual conference in nanotechnology, and one of thebiggest nanotechnology conferences in the world. The conference brings togetherleading scientists and engineers in nanotechnology to exchange information ontheir latest research progress. 2013IEEE-NANO will be jointly held with the annual conference of the ChineseSociety of Micro/Nano Technology. The theme of the conference this year will be“Nanotechnology changes human life”, reflecting the rapid growing interests inapplying nanotechnology to multi-disciplinary fields that will help developsociety and improve the quality of life for people. The conference provides a perfectforum for scientist and engineers of different disciplines to meet and discuss.

Topics for contributing papersinclude but are not limited to
Nanoelectronics, nanocircuits, nanomanufacturing,nanofabrication, nanosensors and actuators, nanomaterials, nanorobotics, nanomanipulation,nano-bio-medicine, nanometrology, nanophotonics, nanomagnetics,micro-to-nano-scale bridging, NEMS applications, nanofluidics, and various nanoassembliesand devices.

ContributedPapers: Full papers must be submitted in PDF format meeting theIEEE PDF Requirements for Creating PDF Documents for the IEEE Xplore. Allaccepted papers will be published by IEEE Press, included in IEEE Xplore andIndexed by EI.

Important Dates:
March 1,2013
March 1, 2013
Submission of full paper(4-6 pages)
Workshop/tutorial proposals
April 15, 2013
Notification of acceptance
May 15, 2013Final submission
June 1, 2013

Early bird registration deadline

August 5-8, 2013


For detailed up-to-date information, pleasevisit the IEEE-NANOMED conference web at http://ieeenano2013.org/.

IEEE Nanotechnology Council
The Chinese Academy of Sciences
TheChinese Academy of Engineering
ChineseSociety of Micro-Nano Technology
NationalNatural Science Foundation of China
Tsinghua University
City Universityof Hong Kong

Honorary Conference Chairs
ChunliBai, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Ji Zhou,Chinese Academy of Engineering, China

Advisory Committee
BinglinGu (Chair), Tsinghua University, China
Toshio Fukuda, Nagoya University, Japan
Stephen Goodnick, ArizonaState Univ, USA
Chih-MingHo, University of California, USA
ChennupatiJagadish, Australian National Univ, Aus
Zhuangde Jiang, Xi’an Xiaotong Univ, China
Wen JungLi, City UniversityHong Kong, China
JamesMorris, Portland State University, USA
Tzyh Jong Tarn, Washington University, USA
Yuechao Wang, ChineseAcademy Sciences, China
Ning Xi, Michigan State University, USA
Sishen Xie, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Jianzhong Xu, China National AcademyNanotech
Zhaoying Zhou, Tsinghua University, China

General Chair

Dong Sun,City University of Hong Kong, China

General Co-Chairs

Meyya Meyyappan, NASA Ames, USA

Zheng You,Tsinghua University, China

Yonhua Tzeng,National Cheng Kung University

Program Chair

Lixin Dong,Michigan State University, USA

Program Co-Chair

ParvisFamouri, West Virginia University, USA

WendongZhang, Taiyuan Univ Technology, China

Organizing Co-Chairs

XiaohaoWang, Tsinghua University, China

Rong Zhu,Tsinghua University, China

Awards Chair

Gwo BinLee, National Tsinghua Univ, Taiwan

Finance Advisor

Xiaoping Yun,Naval Postgraduate School, USA

Publicity Co-Chairs

KyleJiang, University of Birmingham, UK

Makoto Kaneko, Osaka University, Japan

Jin WooKim, The University of Arkansas, USA

T. W.John Yeow, University of Waterloo, Canada

HaixiaZhang, Beijing University, China

Industry Committee Chairs

Jijun Xiong, North ChinaUniversity, China

LianqingLiu, Shenyang Institute of Auto, China

Tutorials and Workshops Chair

YehiaMassoud, Rice University, USA

Invited Symposia Chairs

Uche Wejinya,University of Arkansas, USA

Pak KinWong, The University of Arizona, USA

Exhibition Chairs

Fei Tang,Tsinghua University, China

HaoyaoChen, Harbin Institute Technology, China

Publication Chair

ZhidongWang, Chiba Univ.Technology, Japan

Registration Chairs

HeshengWang, Shanghai Jiaotong Univ, China

RaymondLam, City Univ of Hong Kong, China

General Affairs and Secretariat

Bing LamLuk, City Univ of Hong Kong, China

Juan Li,Chinese Society Micro-Nano Technology


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