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讲座题目1:Applications of integrated microfluidic systems for molecular diagnosis
讲座人:Professor Gwo-Bin “Vincent” Lee, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

讲座题目2:Flexible and StretchableMicroelectronics for U-Health and ‘Brain-Machine Interface’
讲座人:Professor SangHoon Lee, Ph.D. Korea University, Seoul, KOREA

Gwo-Bin Lee 和 SangHoon Lee教授都是国际MEMS领域知名专家,Gwo-Bin Lee教授是ASME Fellow,曾担任MEMS会议主席。SangHoon Lee教授 曾获韩国教育部Scientist and Technologist of This Year等奖项,在Nature Mat.和Nature Comm.等期刊发表多篇文章。




Gwo-Bin Lee

Distighished Professor

Department of PowerMechanical Engineering,

Institute ofBiomedical Engineering,

Institute ofNanoEngineering and Microsystems,

National Tsing HuaUniversity, Hsinchu, Taiwan

E-mail: gwobin@pme.nthu.edu.tw

Gwo-Bin Leereceived his B.S. and M.S. degreesin Department of MechanicalEngineering from National Taiwan Universityin 1989 and 1991, respectively. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical& Aerospace Engineering from Universityof California, Los Angeles, USAin 1998. Dr. Gwo-BinLee is currently a Distinguished Professor in the Department of PowerMechanical Engineering at National TsingHua University. His research interestslie on nano-biotechnology, micro/nanofluidics and their biomedicalapplications. He is the directors of “MEMS Design and MicrofabricationLab” and “Microfluidic Biochip Lab”.Dr. Lee has beenactive in the field of micro/nanofluidic systems, andis developing integrated micro/nano systems incorporated withnano/biotechnology for biomedical applications. He has developed severalmicro/nano-scale platforms for cell, protein, and DNA manipulation anddetection. Dr. Leehas published over 195 SCI journal papers, 380conference papers, and filed 105 patents (57 patents granted). Hisworks have been highly cited (over 4200 times in the past 10 years) with aH-index of 37. He has served as a technical ororganizing committee member in many international conferences. He was the general chairof IEEE NEMS 2011, General co-chair of IEEE NANOMED and the general co-chair ofIEEE MEMS 2013. He has received several academic awards,including Dragon Thesis Award (2002), Distinguished Research Award (2002), DistinguishedYoung Engineer Award from Chinese Engineering Society (2003), K. T. Lee Research Award from K. T. Lee Foundation (2004),Distinguished Mechanical EngineerAward from Chinese MechanicalEngineering Society (2004), Distinguished Young Electrical Engineer Award fromChinese Electrical Engineering Society (2005), Young People of the Year (2006),Distinguished Engineering Professor from Chinese MechanicalEngineering Society (2006), Engineering Professor Award from Southern Divisionof Chinese Engineering Society (2007), Excellent Research Award from NationalScience Council in Taiwan (2007), National Innovation Award (2008), Distinguished Engineering Professor Award from Chinese EngineeringSociety (2009), Distinguished Kuo-Ting Lee Researcher Award from Kuo-TingLee Foundation(2009), Outstanding Inventor Award (2011) and National Innovation Award (2012).He has been invited in various conferences for plenary and keynote talks. Currently, he is currently the Editor-in-chief of Micro and Nano Letters (SCIindexed) and editor for IETBionanotechnology(SCI indexed). He is an elected fellow of ASME in2013.

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