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Prof.William Bialek,Information flow in a genetic network.


Biographical sketch

William Bialekis the John Archibald Wheeler/Battelle Professor in Physics at PrincetonUniversity. He also is a member of the multidisciplinary Lewis?SiglerInstitute. In addition to his responsibilities at Princeton, he isVisiting Presidential Professor of Physics at the Graduate Center of the CityUniversity of New York, where is helping to launch an Initiative for theTheoretical Sciences.

Born in 1960and educated in the San Francisco public schools, Bialek graduated from LowellHigh School in 1977. He attended the University of California atBerkeley, receiving the AB (1979) and PhD (1983) degrees in Biophysics. After postdoctoral appointments at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in theNetherlands and at the Institute for Theoretical Physics in Santa Barbara, hereturned to Berkeley to join the faculty in 1986. In late 1990 he movedto the newly formed NEC Research Institute (now the NEC Laboratories) inPrinceton, where he eventually became an Institute Fellow. During hisyears at NEC, Bialek also made extended visits for research and teaching atmany institutions around the world, including the University of California atSan Francisco, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Scuola InternazionaleSuperiore di Studi Avanzati in Trieste, Italy, and Princeton University; hejoined the Princeton faculty as Professor of Physics in 2001. In Spring2008 he spent a sabbatical at the University of Rome, La Sapienza.

ProfessorBialek�s research interests have ranged over a wide variety oftheoretical problems at the interface of physics and biology, from the dynamicsof individual biological molecules to learning and cognition. Best known forcontributions to our understanding of coding and computation in the brain,Bialek and collaborators have shown that aspects of brain function can bedescribed as essentially optimal strategies for adapting to the complexdynamics of the world, making the most of the available signals in the face offundamental physical constraints and limitations. More recently hehas followed these ideas of optimization into the early events of embryonicdevelopment, and the processes by which all cells make decisions about when toread out the information stored in their genes. His hope is that thesediverse biological phenomena may be understandable through some unifyingtheoretical principles, in the physics tradition.

Throughout hiscareer Bialek has been involved both in helping to establish biophysics as asub-discipline within physics and in helping biology to absorb the quantitativeintellectual tradition of the physical sciences. During his years at NEC heorganized the Princeton Lectures on Biophysics, a series of workshops thatprovided many young physicists with an introduction to the challenges andopportunities at the interface with biology. For more than twenty yearsProfessor Bialek has participated in summer courses at the Marine BiologicalLaboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, serving as co-director of thecomputational neuroscience course in the summers of 1998 through 2002. Currentlyhe is involved in a major educational experiment at Princeton to create a trulyintegrated and mathematically sophisticated introduction to the naturalsciences for first year college students.

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