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招聘学术编辑 Microsystems & Nanoengineering
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Editor Position, Beijing, China


Microsystemsand Nanoengineering is the first engineering journal to beco-published by Nature Publishing Group and Institute of Electronics, ChineseAcademy of Sciences(IECAS). The journal aims to publish top-quality, peer-reviewedfundamental and applied research in the exciting and emerging fields ofmicrosystems and nanoengineering. The journal reports advanced fields includingdesign (theory, modeling or simulation), fabrication, characterization,reliability, packaging, and applications of devices and systems with micro- ornano- scale features.

Position Requirements:

l Education

Doctoral degree in MEMS/NEMS,or relevant areas

l Age

40 or younger

l Experience

Research work experiencein MEMS/NEMS, or relevant field

Work/study experiencein English-speaking country

l Skills

Communication andwriting in English fluently

l Special Knowledge

Great communicationability, tremendous working enthusiasm, and ability to work with a team

l Work time

Full-time ineditorial office


1. Inviting manuscript submissions.

2. Organizing international conference onM/NEMS to promote the new journal.

3. Manuscript processing, including theinitial quality check, assigning editors, and ensuring the timely return of theedited manuscripts.

4. Coordinating language editing, crosscheckingof accepted manuscript and ensuring that publication will occur on time.

5. Other work related to editor position.

Application procedure

1. Send the following materials to mems_nano@mail.ie.ac.cn

l resume(required)

l degreecertificate (required)

l awardscertificate (optional)

l selectedpeer reviewed articles (optional)

l othermaterials which can help us learn you more (optional)

2. Examine qualification

IECASchecks all the above materials to assess if the applicant meets the positionrequirements. All eligible applicants will be sent notifications.

3. Interview

Thecandidate is required to give a speech about self-introduction, experience andachievement, his understanding to the position and the conceiving of the futurework. Communications between the candidate and the IECAS will be followed.


l Anattractive salary and a stimulating working environment offered by IECAS

Ifneed more details, please contact us by the following ways,

Phonenumber +86-10-58887538

Email: mems_nano@mail.ie.ac.cn

Microsystems& Nanoengineering Editorial Office

Instituteof Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

No.19, North 4th Ring Road West, Haidian District, Beijing, 100190, P. R. China

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ieee-nanomed--Call for paper(CINS,2007-05-07,11332)


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