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iCAN steps on the global stage for innovation, the 2015 International CES
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iCAN steps on the global stagefor innovation, the 2015 International CES

2015-01-09 iCAN contest

The iCAN CES show stepped on thestage of the 2015 International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in the Venetianhotel, Las Vegas from January 7th-8th, 2015. This first iCANshow on CES was co-organized by iCAN (International Contest of Applications inNano-MicroTechnologies), IEEE (Institute of Electrical and ElectronicsEngineers) and CEA (Consumer Electronics Association), and executed by PekingUniversity and the Peking University Science Park. This show took thiswonderful chance to exhibit the innovative smart devices of the Internet ofThings from students all over the world. The iCAN delegate in CES had 15 teamsfrom Mainland China, Hong Kong (China), Unite States, Germany and Japan,included the youth innovators from start-up companies, universities or evenhigh school. The topic covered smart housing, smart healthcare, robot,internet, etc. Thousands of audience visited the exhibition and highlyappreciated the innovation from the young generation in the iCAN CES show.

On the opening ceremony of iCANCES show at 7th mornning, the general Chair of iCAN Association,Prof. Haixia(Alice) Zhang, the former vice president of IEEE, Dr. JosepheLillle, the Chair of IEEE CE Soceity, Dr. Sharon Peng, the vice president ofCEA, Mr. Brain Markwalter, and the director of the Business department of CEA,Mr. Steven Koenig attended . They all gave gracious speeches to support theinnovations from the young generation and to appreciate the youthfulspirit and the new contribution from students coming to the CES through iCAN.They also awarded the “ the first iCAN IEEE Global Youth Innovator Award”to theparticipated teams in the afternoon of 7th.

Furthermore, the iCAN CES showgot supports from companies and organizations. Mrs. Tia Cosset, the director ofthe business department in Qualcomm attended the opening ceremony and gave aspeech there. Dr. Kurt Petersen, the famous investor in Silicon valley, visitedthe iCAN CES show and spoke highly on the innovative designs from the youngpeople in January 8th. Other investors and business insiders inconsumer electronics have visited the iCAN CES show and discussed withstudents, including Mr. Xiaoguang Li, a famous investor, Mrs. Elizabeth Wu, thedirector of the marketing department in the Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., Mr.Bin Wei from Xi’An Chinastar M&C Ltd., and Mrs. Yuan Yan from the Internetof Things, Wuxi. The iCAN CES also arouse the attentions from press, such as theChina News, We Medias from Japan and othersUSA, Canada, etc.

Participating the CES is thefirst step of iCAN in the march of innovation and entrepreneurship in 2015.Through exhibitions in the CES, more and more innovations from school andstart-ups from youth will be presented to the world, more and more innovativeteams will be connected to the cut-the-edge technologies all over the world.iCAN will also get more audiences from the world and have more young people tofeel the enthusiasm of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Speech by the organizing chair of iCAN, Prof. Haixia(Alice)Zhang

Dr. Sharon Peng, thechair of IEEE CE

Awarding of “iCAN-IEEE GlobalYouth Innovator Award”

Dr. Kurt Peterson, the famous investor in Silicon Valley,visited the exhibition

Discussion between the students and the vice president ofIEEE, Dr. Josephe Lille

Mr. Xiaoguang Li, the famous investor in China, visitedthe exhibition

The smart chair from the Germany team

The smart pillow from ShandongUniversity team

The triboelectric generator from PekingUniversity

The smart ruler from the Hong KongUniversity of Science and Technology




iCAN(International Contest of Applications in Nano/Micro Technologies,short foriCAN) is the collaborative platformamong academia, industry and society to stimulate the innovations of youthgeneration in applications of micro-nano technologies. iCAN founded in China at 2007, it became aninternational event at 2010, now every year more than 20000 students from20countries and regions are involved. The iCAN’15 will be held in Alaska, USAduring June 21-25 attached with Transducers’15. Welcome to join the Youthinnovation event, iCAN, u CAm, We Can! www.iCAN-Contest.org.


The International ConsumerElectronics Show (CES) is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on thebusiness of consumer technologies. Held in Las Vegas every year, it has servedas the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for morethan 40 years?the global stage where next-generation innovations are introducedto the marketplace. The 2015 International CES was held in Las Vegas, January 6th-9th,2015.

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