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iCAN UK 2015在英国剑桥大学成功举办
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iCAN UK 2015在英国剑桥大学成功举办

Provided by Xiaoming Yu, Cambridge 2015-03-20

The iCAN UK 2015 final contest was held in McCrum Lecture Theatre, Corpus Christi College at Cambridge last Friday, 13/03/2015.Teams from University of Cambridge, Imperial College, and King's College London, attended this contest. These four teams introduced their sensor-based works, which they had prepared since last October. The team "Hercules" from University of Cambridge won the first prize. They developed a "Fitness Monitoring Outfit" device, which could sense the contraction and relaxation of muscle to improve the exercise quality. The team "GameBob", also from University of Cambridge, won both the second prize and the Oxford Instruments Special Award (the team won the most vote from audience). They designed a "CamTunes" device that embed sensors into gloves and enable person wearing this glove to make some music when they make some gestures, as if he is playing a flute. The team "IUp" from the Imperial College won the third prize with their project "Security Techniques for Travelling". The team "King's" from the King's College London gave a good exhibition of their project "Anti-Lost Tracker Devices". The first three teams have secured positions for the iCAN world final which will be held in Alaska in June 2015.
Dr. David Haynes, Sales and Marketing Director at Oxford Instruments comments, “As a business we like to support and encourage the novel work of young scientists. International competitions such as the iCAN contest create collaborative platforms between academia & industry to stimulate university students to develop new sensor applications. I look forward to attending the international iCAN grand final at the Transducers conference this June in Alaska.”

Prof. Alan Barrell, University of Cambridge said, "Every team has demonstrated their great endeavour and enthusiasm in developing high-tech projects for this contest, precisely what education should inspire.

iCAN is an international contest for college students which inspires people to build sensor based prototypes and improve the life quality. Every year over 10 thousand students from all over the world join this high-tech celebration and make some really fantastic gadgets. The Cambridge University Invelopers Society hosted the iCAN UK contest this year with the sponsorship from Oxford Instruments and Cambridge University. Imperial College CSSA and KCL IEEE student branch also made contribution to the organization and publicity.

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