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iCAN’16 International Contest Grandly held in Paris
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July 7, 2016 iCAN final contest officially began when the opening ceremony was held in ESIEE Building at 8:30 in the morning. Headmaster Dominique, Chairman Zhang Haixia, Professor Phillippe along with 23 teams from all over the world attended the opening ceremony. Prof. Phillippe introduced juries, sponsors and supervisors first. on behalf of ESIEE, Headmaster Dominique expressed sincere congratulations on the achievement of iCAN Contest during past years and extended a warm welcome to all the friends present. Chairman Zhang then delivered an exciting speech not only to boost morale of all teams, but also pointed out iCAN offered a platform for youth of different countries to showcase products of innovation and enhance exchange and cooperation. At last she speak out iCAN’ slogan: iCAN uCAN vCAN!

Afterwards, here came a product show. All teams set up their own table waiting to offer audience their product, their talent. The exhibition attracted even little kids, creating a lively and joyful atmosphere.

At 10:30, defense presentation began. 23 teams divided into 3 groups, and each group had 8 minutes to present and 2 minutes to answer question. It was worth noting that teams not only brought innovative products, but also created innovative presenting ways, German team performed a scene play, Swiss team show their new drone remoter right in front of all audience. Happy laughters and cheerful voices never stopped, reducing the tension of an international contest.

At 17:30, defense presentation was over, with the following award ceremony began. Chairman Zhang as well as other juries and sponsors announced the winning teams. “uWINDfon” from Swiss team and “CABLEbot” from German team won the gold prize. In addition, 4 teams from Portugal, France, China and Swiss won silver prizes, 6 teams from Thailand, Hongkong, Taiwan etc won bronze prizes. During the Award Ceremony, several teams gave performances to show their culture, deepening cultural understanding and communication with each other. At last, all people took a big group photo together, marking the end of the iCAN this year.

July 8 was a social event day. It was a tradition of iCAN to promoting friendly culture exchanging and communication. All the people took a tour of landmarks in Paris and had lunch in a cruise on Seine river. Beautiful scene, beautiful people and beautiful memories were deeply branded in our memories. iCAN, see you in Beijing next year!



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