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J-MEMS Special Topical Focus MEMS Technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT) Call for Papers
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The Internet of Things is a synonym for networked devices which are connected on a global scale
and which may interact and communicate autonomously. MEMS are key elements of IoT, as they
are sensors and actuators connecting the IoT to the physical world and enabling context
awareness through the measurement of multiple physical, chemical and optical inputs. IoT is a key part of the initiatives for Advanced Manufacturing or Industry 4.0; for example, distributed sensing in machines allows for more reliable and customizable fabrication processes. IoT technology also supports the emerging concepts of personalized health, predictive prevention, and the internet of humans, when physiological data of humans are combined with environmental data yielding feedback to enable individuals to live a healthier life.

J-MEMS invites manuscripts of original research and state-of-the-art reviews for a series on
“MEMS Technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT)”. Submitted papers must be original,
enhancing the state-of-the-art, and not be published earlier or under consideration for publication
in other journals or conferences. In JMEMS, new concepts and technologies require experimental
verification. Papers from industry are in particular encouraged. The topics of interest include, but
are not limited to

 Environmental and body area sensor systems (including integrated interface analog circuits
and ADC), including wearable MEMS, and flexible MEMS
 Low power / zero power sensor systems and “wake-up” triggers,
 Energy harvesting for autonomous sensor systems; RF MEMS for IoT
 Sensor fusion and data analysis algorithms and energy-efficient signal processing for
MEMS in the IoT context
 State-of-the-art surveys and reviews related to these topics

Submitted manuscripts will go through the regular peer review process. Full manuscripts should be submitted electronically through IEEE’s ScholarOne: https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jmems
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