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Open Position as Embedded Software Engineer (Ph.D.)
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MiCROW received a grant for one Ph.D. position in the Horizon 2020

Framework, namely in the SME Research Associate Program. The open position is intended for researchers with the title of Ph.D./Dr. and expertise in the

areas of automation and human machine interaction. We are looking for

someone who is familiar with the micro and nanoscale and is interested in

working in a start-up company.

The the job description is in the network:


It would be a great help for us to increase awareness for micro and

nanorobotics outside universities.

Any question regarding the job offer, please contacts Manuel Mikczinski, Dipl.-Ing. (FH), Chief Executive Officer.

Phone: +49 441 36116-493

Fax: +49 441 36116-491

eMail: manuel.mikczinski@microw.de

Web: www.microw.de


MiCROW develops and sells robotic machines, which are designed to enable manual work (handling, assembly, and testing) in the micro to nanoscale in a very intuitive way.

We are currently focusing with our MiCROW-Pro on the assembly of miniaturised sensors and actuators targeting micro-/nanoelectronics, photonics, environmental control, life-sciences, and others. The final goal is that the user should work as simple as with his/her hands under a microscope ? with an option to automate one or all processes. Currently, the different available tools are controlled by a gamepad or a 6D-mouse in precision ranges of 1 μm to 0.1 μm or better. Our key enabling technology is the control software, which connects the operator input with the tools for microscale manipulations. This can be done on a purely tele-operated level but is more interesting when automation comes into play. In the current state, MiCROW-Pro allows for solid prototyping and very small series production but needs the enhancement towards higher batch sizes.

It will be your task to enhance the existing framework ? or design a new one ? which allows for this adjustable level of automation with the goal of the intuitive use of the machine and software by non-experts. This framework bases on PC-technology instead of a programmable logic controller due to future user group, i.e. assembly personnel and not “robotists”. You will have to take all necessary aspects and concepts of intuitive control (visual servoing, image processing, automation, machine learning, teach-in, human machine interaction, etc.) into account.



  • Software-Engineering (mainly C++) with a focus on hardware control and embedded systems,

  • Image Processing for visual servoing and control (e.g. for point-and-click, etc.),

  • Automation techniques (e.g. teach-in, re-play, scripting, etc.).

Specific Requirements:

  • Machine learning would be of great interest (e.g. task planning learned from previously manually performed steps and subsequent optimisation),

  • Basic FPGA development (in VHDL for hardware control and/or hardware image processing),

  • Knowledge and use of these working environments (prioritized order): Qt, GitLab, Python, Scratch, Vivado,

  • Additional knowledge on the combination of position-driven and haptic feedback would be interesting,

  • Furthermore, knowledge on security of remote connections is beneficial.

You will collaborate closely with our engineer for the electrical and control system development. So you will be fully integrated in the development team at the same level as the aforementioned colleague and report directly to the CEO. If more employees or students are prospectively involved in the development of the applicant’s field, a leading role might be assigned as well.

Required language skills: ENGLISH: Excellent GERMAN: Basic

Have a look on our website to learn more about MiCROW: www.microw.de/en

Due to the framework of the H2020 SME Innovation Associate Program, we are offering this job position for 12 months, but intend to convert the fixed-term employment into a permanent contract following the funding period. The job offer also includes several programs such as cultural/social integration, a core training (provided by the EU) and tailored training.

The job starts on 1st of September 2017.

Additional comments:

  • Please send the full set of application documents (cover letter, CV, certificates, etc.)

  • Please attach up to three papers / publications to your application, which you consider most relevant to the open position.

  • Please consider sending additional information, which will help us to assess your qualification (e.g. open projects on GitHub, public accessible demonstrators, videos, images, etc.)

  • Have a look at our Video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krSx53VAS6M

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