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The 2nd International Workshop “Materials for Advanced Interconnects and Packaging”
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The 2nd International Workshop

“Materials for Advanced Interconnects and Packaging”


The 2nd international workshop “Materials for Advanced Interconnects and Packaging” aims to provide a platform to enhancethe multilateral communication, exchange and collaboration among there searchers working on fundamentals and applications of interconnect and packaging materials. Special attention is paid for the training and education of Master and PhD students. For this reason the first day of the workshop is completely covered by tutorial lectures given by invited speakers actively working in the field of interconnects and packaging.

The focus of this Workshop is to discuss challenges of interconnect materials including low- and ultralow-k materials,metallization, packaging, reliability and emerging technologies. The further shrinking of the semiconductor devices requires the introduction of dielectric materials with high porosity and much thinner metallization liners, and addressing the increasing resistivity of Cu with decreasing dimensions.Innovation in development of new materials, processes, and architectures are needed to address these problems and to maintain the reliability of interconnects. This Workshop is a forum for researchers to exchange the latest advances in materials, processes, integration, and reliability in advanced interconnects and packaging, and to discuss interconnects for emerging technologies.

l Topics:

Ultralow-k Dielectric Materials

 Ultra Low-k materials: synthesis and characterization

 Porogens,porosity characterization, and pore sealing

 ULK mechanical properties and alternate curing of ULK

 Intrinsic electrical properties

Metallization for Advanced Interconnects

 Advances in CVD, PVD, ALD, electrochemical and electroless deposition

 Advances in liner, Cu seed, and fill technologies

 Advanced BEOL integration and key issues in the integration of porous ULK

 RIE,plasma processing, planarization, and cleaning technologies

 Novel integration concepts


 Electromigration,TDDB, and stress voiding

 Dielectric integrity and thermal/mechanical stability

Advances in Packaging Technologies

 Wire bonding and flip chip

 3D Integration and through-via technology

 Intermetallic connections (IMC) and Lead-free solder

Emerging Technologies

 Nano-interconnects,such as nanotubes and nanowires

 Molecular interconnects

 Nanocontacts

 Molecular self-assembling technologies

l Organizers:

North China University of Technology (NCUT,Beijing),

Institute of Microelectronics of China Academy of Sciences (IME CAS, Beijing),

China Agrochemical University (CAU,Beijing),

Tianjin University (TU, Tianjin),

Fudan University (FU, Shanghai).

l Workshop Location and dates:

North China University of Technology,Beijing, China

October 15-17, 2017

l Program Committee:

Mikhail Baklanov (North China University of Technology, China) -Chair

Jiang Yan (North China University of Technology, China) -Co-Chair

Chao Zhao (Institute of Microelectronics CAS, China) - Co-Chair

Jing Zhang (North China University of Technology, China) - Co-Chair

Eiichi Kondoh (Yamanashi University, Japan)

Konstantin Vorotilov (Moscow StateTechnical University MIREA, Russia)

Ashok Mahajan (North Maharashtra University, India)

Xin-ping Qu (Fudan University, China)

Xia Xiao (Tianjin University, China)

Zhiwei He (China Agrochemical University, China)

Xun Gu (China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC), China)

l Local Organizing Committee:

Jiang Yan (North China University of Technology, China) -Chair

Jing Zhang (North China University of Technology, China) -Co-Chair

Fengbin Liu (North China University of Technology, China) -Co-Chair

Mikhail Baklanov (North China University of Technology)

Zhiwei He (China Agrochemical University,Beijing)

Shuhua Wei (North China University of Technology) - Secretary

Tel: 010-88803118,13240292299 E-mail: weishuhua@ncut.edu.cn

l Tutorial Lectures:

1. Dr.Wenqi Zhang, China National Center for Advanced Packaging (NCAP), China.

Title: 3D high density packaging and system integration

2. Prof.Mayumi Takeyama, Kitami Institute of Technology, Japan.

Title: The choice of the diffusion barrier material in Al and Cu metallization.

3. Prof.Jim Leu, National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan.

Title: PECVD Low-k silicon carbonitride films using silazane precursors

4. Dr.Larry Zhao, LAM Research, USA.

Title: Integration challenges.

5. Dr. Sergey Zyryanov, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia.

Title: Challenges of plasma processing of organosilicate based low-k materials.

6. Prof. Ashok Mahajan, North Maharashtra University, India.

Title: Spin on low-k thin films for inter layer dielectric (ILD)applications.

7. Prof. Lucile Broussous, ST Microelectronics,France.

Title: Post-etch Cleaning processes and chemistries in the Interconnections Levels.

8. Dr. Alfred Grill,IBM, USA.

Title: PECVD SiCOH and pSiCOH Inter-Metal Dielectrics.

9. Prof. Dorel Toma,ex-director of Tokyo Electron America

Title: Past, present and future of low-k dielectrics

l Tentative Schedule:

Oct 15

Oct 16

Oct 17



Great Wall tour




Invited and regular talks




Regular talks and poster session

l Important Dates: (Scheduled)

Abstract submission deadline: Sept 1st, 2017

Program online: Oct 1st, 2017

Final announcement: Oct 1st, 2017

Manuscript submission: on site (publication is planned in one of ISI journals )

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