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PhD Openings at University of Houston
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PhD Openings at University of Houston

Yu research group in the Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science and Biomedical Engineering at University of Houston (Houston, Texas, USA) currently has a few PhD positions for the 2018 Fall semester. The group is specialized in flexible and stretchable electronics, microelectronics, micro/nano fabrication and mechanical and materials designs. The group website: http://www.me.uh.edu/faculty/yu

Candidates with prior educational training and research experience in one of the following areas will be considered as priority.

1、 Semiconductors; inorganic electronics; microelectronic and optoelectronics; M/NEMS, analog circuits and systems

2、 Organic electronics

3、 Biomedical electronics; implantable devices

4、 Polymers synthesis; tissue engineering

5、 Robotics, soft robotics: experiment and modeling

6、Solid mechanics of thin films and soft matters: analytical and FEM simulations

If admitted, candidates will sit in PhD programs in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, or Biomedical Engineering, depending on their education background.

Requirements: TOEFL (⩾79) or IELTS (⩾ 6.5), and GRE.

Application Deadline: Our official PhD application deadline for the 2018 Fall was already passed, all the late applications will need to discuss with Dr. Yu first.

If you are interested, please contact: cyu15@uh.edu, with your CV, copies of all the transcripts, representative publications, and contact information of 3 references.

Other Positions: Visiting PhDs & professors in the similar areas listed above.

About the Group:

PI: Cunjiang Yu, Ph.D.

Bill D. Cook Assistant Professor

Joined UH in 10/2013

Selected Recent Awards & Honors

1、 ONR Young Investigator Award, 2018

2、 Awardee of MIT Technology Review 35 Innovators Under 35 China (TR35 China) 2017

3、 Junior Faculty Research Excellence Award, Cullen College of Engineering, UH, 2017

4、 Bill D. Cook Faculty Scholarship, UH, 2016

5、 Doctoral New Investigator, American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund, 2016

6 、Award for Excellence in Research, Scholarship or Creative Activity, UH, 2016 (Two campus-wide awardees per each year)

7、 NSF CAREER Award, 2016.

8 、Paul Holloway Young Investigator Award, American Vacuum Society, 2015.

9、 New Faculty Research Award, UH, 2014.

10、 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Studying Abroad, 2011.

Current funding sources for the group: UH, NSF, NIH, NASA, ONR, Petroleum Research Fund, and Industries.

Lab space: 2200 square feet

Some recent work from the group:

1. Kyoseung Sim, Zhoulyu Rao, Dong Yang, Yanbin Li and Cunjiang Yu*, Curvy Surface Conformal Ultra-Thin Transfer Printed Si Optoelectronic Penetrating Microprobe Arrays, NPJ Flexible Electronics, 2, 2, 2018

2. Chengjun Wang, Kyoseung Sim, Yuhang Li, Li, Jin Chen, Weiqiu Chen, Jizhou Song, Rafael Verduzco, and Cunjiang Yu*, Soft Ultra-Thin Electronics Innervated Adaptive Fully Soft Robots, Advanced Materials, in press. DOI: 10.1002/adma.201706695. (Front Cover)

3. Haejin Kim, Kyoseung Sim, Anish Thukral, and Cunjiang Yu*, Rubbery Electronics and Sensors from Intrinsically Stretchable Elastomeric Composites of Semiconductors and Conductors, Science Advances, 3, e701114, 2017.

4. Yang Gao†, Ying Zhang†, Xu Wang†, Kyoseung Sim†, Jingshen Liu, Xue Feng, Ji Chen, Hangxun Xu*, and Cunjiang Yu*, Moisture Triggered Physically Transient Electronics, Science Advances, 3, e1701222, 2017.

About University of Houston: Public urban university; enrollment 45000, 36000 Undergraduates, 9000 graduate students; Engineering ranked 73# (US News); Tie 1 research university (total 115 institutions in USA).

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