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演讲主题Biomechatronic Technology for the Future of Healthcare

演讲人 Professor Sheng Quan Xie谢胜泉

School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Leeds, UK, s.q.xie@leeds.ac.uk

摘要: Biomechatronics is an applied interdisciplinary science that aims to integrate mechanical elements, electronics and parts of biological organisms. It encompasses the fields of biology, mechanics, robotics and neuroscience. This presentation will describe our research mission to develop new robotic devices and technologies that improve medical treatment performance, human mobility and quality of life. Our research will target those whose strength and coordination have been affected by amputation, stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, or aging. We believe appropriate mechanical assistance can not only restore function, but enhance performance beyond typical human limits.

演讲人: Dr. Sheng Quan Xie is currently Professor and Chair of Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Director of the Mechatronics and Robotics programme and Director of the Rehabilitation Robotics Lab at the University of Leeds, and was previously the Director of the Rehabilitation and Medical Robotics Centre at the University of Auckland (2002-2016). He established the world-first Masters programme in Medical Devices and Technologies in 2010 involving 10 medical devices companies in New Zealand and researchers from both engineering and medical fields. He has published > 400 refereed papers and 7 books (>4900 citations, H-index of 38, i10-index of 112) in the areas of advanced robotics and mechatronics technologies for medical and rehabilitations, and is recognized as a world leader in rehabilitation robotics. He has received many distinguished research awards including the New Zealand Science Challenge Award, the China Spring Fair Cup Award, the New Zealand Young Scientist Award, and the AMP Invention Award. He is Fellow of the Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand. He has had over 15 post docs, 60 PhDs and 80 postgraduate students in his research team with funding over £25M.

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