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ieee-nanomed--Call for paper
作者 CINS 摘自 未知 发表 2007-05-07 10:51:32 人气 11934 背景色 杏仁黄 秋叶褐 胭脂红 芥末绿 天蓝 雪青 灰 银河白(默认色) 字号   

第一?IEEE 奈米狒??阻 (IEEE NANOMED Conference 2007,Website: http://www.ieee-nanomed.org/)第二次?文徵稿?在5/15截稿,邀?各位先咄埒苡投稿。本?阻?文之延伸?文?有??收?於Springer新期刊:Journal of Experimental and Applied Nanomedicine (JEAN). 以下?相晷信息提供衷位研究先咄?考:

Dear Colleagues:

The 1st IEEE International Conference on Nano/Molecular Medicine and Engineering (IEEE-NANOMED) will be held in Macau SAR, China, in August 6-9 of 2007. IEEE-NANOMED is the inaugural conference of the IEEE Nanotechnology Council to bring together world-leading researchers focusing on the advancements of basic and clinical research in medical and biological sciences using engineering methods related to MEMS, Nano and Molecular technologies. The conference will deliver essential and advanced engineering and scientific information in the applications of MEMS/NANO/Molecular technologies in biology and science to its participants. This conference aims to bring knowledge to all players in the field: academics from both engineering and medical professions, industrial and clinical researchers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, regulatory authorities and others across the scientific and engineering communities.

The second deadline will be on 5/15. Website: http://www.ieee-nanomed.org/

Major topics covered by the conference are included as follow:

  • Fabrication and compatibility of nano materials for biological and medical applications, including nanotubes, fullerenes, nano-particles, quantum dots, etc.

  • Engineered surfaces using assembled molecular arrays for guided interactions between biomolecules and cells

  • Engineering at nanoscale or involving nano-medical tools

  • Nanotechnology-based diagnostic tools and analytical techniques, including nano-imaging of biomolecules, nano-robotic-based bio-manipulation, biosensors, molecular sensors, etc

  • Applications of nano and molecular technologies in the diagnosis, prevention, therapy, and treatment of diseases

  • Measurement and sensing of single cells, cell systems and biomolecules

  • Molecular electronics and nanoscale diagnostic devices

  • Bioinformatics, biocomputing and molecular computing

  • Device Miniaturization, including bioMEMS, micro/nano fluidics, Nano/Molecular sensors, devices, and systems

  • Implanted micro/nano devices for prevention and treatment of diseases

  • Drug, protein, or gene delivery, transport, and targeting using nanoscale particles and devices

  • Nanoscale genomic and proteomic research

  • Pre-clinical testing of novel nanomedical devices and systems

  • Clinical concerns in safety, efficacy, economics, and ultimate patient uptake, etc

The second deadline will be on 5/15.

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