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Postdoc or PhD position in BioMEMS availible
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Postdoctoral or PhD position (Bio-MEMS)
in microfabricated Lab-on-a-Chip for biotechnological applications in a
VET/MIC collaboration project

In “wonderful Copenhagen” a Postdoctoral or PhD positions are available in the BioLabChip group at MIC and Laboratory of Applied Micro and Nanotechnology at VET, DTU. The positions are part of a team involved in national and EU research projects on development Lab-on-a Chip systems.
Candidates with a master degree (for PhD position) or a PhD degree (for postdoc positions) in physics, electronics, or mechanics are invited to apply for three years PhD position or two years post-doc positions
starting as soon as possible to work with the development of Lab on chip for rapid detection and typing of avian influenza.
The projects will focus on the development of integrated Lab-on-a-Chip systems for sample preparation,DNA amplification by RT-PCR and detection of the PCR products using microarrays.
In the assessment of the candidates consideration will be given t
• Experience with design and fabrication of microsystems
• Clean room experiences
• Experience with optical detection methods
• Experience with building experimental set-up for test and control (of microsystems)
• Experience with fabrication of polymer devices.
Further information is available by Anders Wolff, aw@mic.dtu.dk, phone +45 45256305 fax: +45 45887762.
contacting or Dang Duong Bang ddb@vet.dtu.dk phone +45 72746892 or To apply please send a application in 3 copies including: 1) a motivation describing (i) why you are interested in this particular position and (ii) what you has to offer to the projects 2) a CV with list of
publications, 3) copy of certificate with grades, 4) publications and/or thesis and 5) references no later than July 31st to

Associated Professor Anders Wolff aw@mic.dtu.dk. (with cc to jra@mic.dtu.dk) ddb@vet.dtu.dk
Application should contain all the elements listed above. Furthermore, please specify where you saw this announcement.

MIC www.mic.dtu.dk is a research centre for advanced micro- and nanotechnology at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) www.dtu.dk. The BioLabChip group at MIC works on integration of micromachined tools for the manipulation, sorting and analyses of cells. The work involves development of a platform for DNA amplification based on the polymerase chain reaction (PCR chip), sample preparation for PCR based on dielectrophoresis (DEP), micro arrays for DNA analysis, and optical cell analysis systems (flow cytometers). We are implementing such systems for detecting pathogens in clinical samples and food (e.g. Campylobacter in chickens and avian influenza), mutations screening, and for cancers detection (e.g. colon cancer)

VET- The National Veterinary Institute www.vet.dtu.dk is a research institute belong to Technical University of Denmark (DTU) www.dtu.dk. VET is involved in diagnostics and research on animal diseases and employs about 340 people. The Laboratory of Applied Micro-nanotechnology is a research group within the Department of Poultry, Fish and Fur Animals and is located in Aarhus. The research of the group is focused on host-pathogens (bacteria, virus) interaction (global genome expression (RT PCR) on applied micro-nanotechnology in rapid detection of pathogens (PCR, Real-time PCR, RT PCR), define toxin and virulence factors (in vitro & in vivo tests), and solid phase PCR for SNP detection in Cancer and other diseases. The group focus on transferring assay from tubes to chip format.

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