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Asia Nano Forum Newsletter-- issue5
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ANF Activities
ANFoS08 was successfully held on the Nov. 16-17th at National Exhibition Centre, Abu Dhabi, UAE. This event was hosted by Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research and sponsored by IMRE, NanoGlobe Pte Ltd, and Etisalat.
Bringing together more than 30 delegates in government, research, and enterprises from 14 Asian economies, this Summit sets strategic directions for development and regional collaboration in nanotechnology within ANF and across the member economies. Delegates gave exciting updates on the new nanotechnology development in the areas of policy, R&D, education, commercialization, safety and standardization, as well as international collaboration. Pressing issue on renewable energy and water (cleantech) research, commercialization, and collaboration were discussed in the ANF Energy and Water Industrial Forum held on Nov. 17th. In the ANF Round Table session for Regional Collaboration, delegates also agreed on a list of priority issues for future ANF projects and working out a mechanism to assist member economies in accessing international funding. There was a moving moment during the presentation of the Asia Nano Camp 2008 (ANC2008, see ANF Newsletter 2nd Issue) held Feb.2009 in Japan given by Dr Hiroshi Yokoyama (Treasurer and co-founder of ANF). The ANC2008 created a life changing experience for majority of the young scientists selected from 13 ANF network member economies and this summit pledged to continue this effort to inspire, support and foster the young generation of nanotechnologists as they are the driving force of the region future growth. Taiwan will be the next host for ANC2009 in June 2009.
ANF Annual General Meeting (AGM) was also held on the Nov. 16th as part of the summit. This AGM has achieved milestone agreement on furthering working group efforts in human resource and clean technology, as well as strategic partnership with APO. Also, Taiwan offered to host ANFoS in Oct 2009.
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