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ASME 3rd International Conference on Micro- and Nanosystems
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ASME 3rd International Conference on Micro- and Nanosystems

Symposium on Applied Mechanics, Conatct Mechanics and Tribology at Micro- and Nano-scales

August 30 ? September 2, 2009

San Diego Convention Center

111 W. Harbor Drive, 
San Diego, CA 92101 U.S.A.

The symposium organizers and the International Conference on Micro and Nanosystems Committee invite theoretical and experimental papers as well as state-of-the-art reviews and discussions of future research directions in applied mechanics, contact mechanics and tribology at the micro- and nano-scales, and their role, influence, or impact on MEMS/NEMS devices. Sample topics of interest include but not limited to the following areas:

§ Micro- and nano-scale mechanics

§ Fundamentals of Nanotribology (e.g., friction, wear, adhesion and lubrication)

§ Interfacial phenomena in nano-scale contacts

§ Surface Engineering at micro- nano-scales

§ Contact mechanics and tribology of MEMS/NEMS devices

§ Characterization of nano-devices and nano-materials (e.g., AFM, nano-indentation)

§ Micro- and nano-scale metrology

§ Tribology of nano- and biomaterials (including polymers)

§ Tribology of bio-medical MEMS

§ Computer-based enabling technologies (e.g. visualization, optimization, imaging, prototyping) for engineering of nanostructure and special surface morphology

§ Novel materials and devices with tribological advantages by design and their applications

Papers submission

Short (2-3 pages) or full length papers must be submitted electronically as described on the conference website:



Submission of Draft Paper for Review: Feb 26, 2009

Author Notification of Acceptance: March 24, 2009

Submission of Final Paper: April 28, 2009

Symposium Organizers:

Professor Yong Shi, Mechanical Engineering Department, Stevens Institute of Technology, Castle Point on the Hudson Hoboken, NJ 07030, Tel: (201) 216-5594, Email:yong.shi@stevens.edu

Dr. Mircea Teodorescu, School of Engineering, Cranfield University, Cranfield, Bedfordshire MK43 0BS, UK, Tel: +44 (0) 7951551626, Email: m.teodorescu@cranfield.ac.uk

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